Intuition: It’s the small things

Trusting IntuitionI raced up to the shopping centre with an intuitive sense that I needed to go there right then, even though it was only for an item I could get any time. Or so I thought. As I stepped out of the car my very old but beloved shoe split and I stopped to mourn its loss, shoes I bought in Los Angeles that I loved so much and I have been looking to replace them for a year but not found anything anywhere near to these ones. It seemed like it would be OK for a while to walk so I started out and then became lost in the sprawling shops, stopping to ponder my direction right outside of a shoe shop. There in the window was the perfect shoe, and a sign “40% off everything today”. I tried it on and walked out with my new shoes on. Trusting my intuition helps me with even the small things in life, although I don’t really consider the perfect pair of shoes a small thing.

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