Lady Bug HealingI cant wait to tell you this story of a healing that is most likely going to give you chills all over. Jude came to see me for a healing session at Burleigh Heads last week. When she walked in she saw something on the floor. She picked up and it turned out to be a little ring with a lady bird on it. She gasped and handed it to me, and I handed it back saying it was not mine, I had not seen it before and it must be for her.

She had a most strange look on her face and then told me it was a sign from her son who was killed in an accident over 6 years ago and pulled back her top to show a lady bird tatoo she had on her chest. You know that feeling when you just KNOW its a truth? I received cold chills up and down my spine and when I mentioned the story to the class in Burleigh they all had chills also.

Happening to you now?

It was such a humbling experience to see how spirit works behind the scenes to bring whatever is needed. I am lucky to be working with such a great team who always help when the time is right.

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